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Top 10 Best Weed Pipes For Sale in 2023

6 December 2022

The prices for cannabis pipes continue to get cheaper and more creative. One online head shop is making a reputation for having a ton of marijuana pipes for sale and at inexpensive prices. The World of Bongs is an online store that includes a massive inventory of 420 smoking accessories. They are the stoner’s favorite […]

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How To Be Stoned At Thanksgiving: Smoke Weed, Get High, And Celebrate You Dang Stoner

24 November 2022

Contents The Best Methods For Smoking At Thanksgiving How To Bring It Up Tips For Taking The Thanksgiving Walk How To Deal With Weed Paranoia During Thanksgiving Getting stoned on Thanksgiving around your family can be one of the guiltiest pleasures for any cannabis enthusiast. Smoking weed on this holiday of indulgence makes everything better, […]

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Cannabis As A Creativity Enhancer: How Weed Makes You More Creative

11 November 2022

In the popular imagination, there has been a close link between cannabis and creativity for more than 160 years. In 1860, Charles Baudelaire, the French poet who is credited with coining the term “modernity,” wrote a book called Artificial Paradise in which he describes his experiences with hashish: ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching!Visit Website “The simplest […]

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Cannabis For Focus: How Weed Affects Concentration and Creativity

10 November 2022

Have you ever used cannabis to boost your focus?  While cannabis is known for its ability to help you relax, what many people don’t know is that cannabis can also be helpful for focus and concentration. This article will dive into the science of using weed to focus and look at which weed strains are best […]

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Do You Know How Many 8ths Are In A Pound? (And Other Cannabis Quantity Questions Answered)

21 October 2022

Could you eyeball how much this is?  Contents How Many Eighths Are In A Pound? What’s The Best Way To Measure Large Amounts Of Weed? Best Containers For Measuring Large Quantities Of Weed Can You Eyeball Large Measurements Of Cannabis? So much of cannabis culture comes down to informal talk, slang, and other jargon that […]

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Moon Rock Weed: WTF Is In Cannabis’ Most Expensive Nug

19 October 2022

There’s a reason why Moon Rocks are among the most expensive nugs you’ll find at. Moon Rocks are undoubtedly the most expensive way to smoke cannabis and if you’ve got a decent supply of weed, kief, and hash oil, they aren’t even that hard to make at home. When a moon rock is created in […]

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Live Rosin: Is It Better Than Resin Or Just Another Overhyped Cannabis Concentrate?

3 October 2022

14erBoulder Lately, I’ve heard more and more cannabis enthusiasts have been talking about ‘live rosin,’ many of whom are labeling it as the cannabis product that will change the industry forever. But will it? With so many different edibles, resins, rosins, and more being brought to market every day, it’s essential to understand the difference […]

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How To Recover From Edibles: Tips To Cure An Edible Hangover And Overeating THC

27 September 2022

Edibles are great… until they’re not. Contents How Long Do Edibles Typically Stay In My System? Activities To Recover From Edibles Quickly How To Know You’ve Taken Too Many Edibles What To Do The Day After Taking Too Many Edibles Cannabis consumers love to take edibles. THC edibles have quickly become one of the most […]

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Ceramic Bongs: Everything You Need To Know About The World’s Oldest Water Pipe

22 September 2022

Ceramic bongs come in all shapes and sizes and might just be your new fave thing Brnt Contents Is It Safe To Smoke Out Of A Ceramic Bong? Benefits Of Smoking Out Of A Ceramic Bong Our Favorite Ceramic Bongs How To Make Your Own Ceramic Bong Final Thoughts Bongs are most commonly made out […]

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How To Roll A Blunt: A Step-By-Step Guide For The Perfect Hand-Rolled Blunt

22 September 2022

A smoker tokes up on the perfect blunt and you’ll be doing the same by the end of this article. Contents Is Rolling A Blunt Hard? What You Need To Roll A Blunt How To Roll A Blunt How much weed should you put in a blunt? Tips For Rolling Better Blunts No doubt blunts […]

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Smell Proof Bags For Weed: Here Are the Best Places To Store Your Stash Of Cannabis In 2022

19 September 2022

Contents How does weed smell through bags? Do odor-proof bags work for weed? Our Favorite Smell Proof Bags For Weed Even if you are in a state where marijuana is legal, you don’t want your car to smell like a lot of weed if you get pulled over. The police still look for amounts of […]

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Bubbler VS Bong: The Key Differences And How To Choose The Right One For You

16 September 2022

Contents What is a Bubbler? Why You Should Or Shouldn’t Smoke A Bubbler Our Favorite Bubblers What is a Bong? Why You Should Or Shouldn’t Smoke A Bong Our Favorite Bongs Is A Bubbler Or Bong Better? Most bubblers and bongs are glass, but you can use other materials. This unique glass is more durable […]

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