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Finding Eclectic Music For Your DJ Sets: Where Duke Boara Does His Cratedigging

11 October 2022

Charlie Sarsfield Duke Boara’s signature sound is a culmination of a multitude of influences, sounds, and textures; it’s eclectic to put it lightly. And while many producers attempt such a sound in their own music, few pull it off with as much cohesion and decisiveness as Duke.  And this individuality goes well beyond his own […]

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Finding Music For An Organic House DJ Set: How All Day I Dream’s Layla Benitez Does Her Cratedigging

25 August 2022

Contents Stream Layla Benitez’s Latest Song Beatport Through Colleagues Soundcloud Listening From an outsider looking in, it can seem like magic that DJs can find excellent records and songs these days. With so many tracks being released every day, how do they always find the perfect handful to play in their DJ sets? Layla Benitez, […]

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