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The Meaning Of Consistency: Episode Two Of Magnetic’s Latest Podcast, With Deep State’s Entel

3 November 2022

Contents What Is An Example Of Consistency?  What Is A Consistent Person Like?  WHAT IS THE MAGNETIC MEANING PODCAST? “Consistency” is defined as… Conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness. The way in which a substance, typically a liquid, holds together; thickness or […]

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Finding Mentors In The Music Industry: Entel Shows How Finding A Mentor Can Define Your Career

23 September 2022

Knowing the right people in the music industry might get you more opportunities but if you don’t have the skill set to back it up then all the gigs and opportunities in the world won’t get you anywhere.  And good mentor has been-there-done-that and can help producers and artists who are at an earlier stage […]

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Finding The Perfect Fit: AAPI In Tomorrow’s Music Industry

17 May 2022

Contents The Assumptions Of AAPI In The Music Community  Cultural Pressures On Musicians In The AAPI Community The Future Of AAPI In The Music Industry Elephante Tour Dates Tim Wu, better know by his artist project Elephante, is an Asian-born producer and performing artist who’s parents immigrated from Taipei, Taiwan. Elephante‘s illustrious career was the […]

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