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Dance Music Production

Best Plugins For Vocal Manipulation: Factor Eight Shares Their Favorite Creative Tools

25 October 2022

Contents A Note From The Producer; Factor Eight Izotope Neutron Saturators Distortion Plugins Celemony Melodyne Ableton Live Including vocals in your own productions and tracks can add so much to the end result. Because humans love the sound of the human voice, and using it in creative ways can be the single thing that makes […]

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Electro-Harmonix J Mascis Signature Ram’s Head Big Muff Pi Review: A Guitar Pedal We Love On Synths

4 October 2022

Contents What Is The Electro-Harmonix J Mascis Signature Ram’s Head Big Muff P Who Is This Pedal For? Is This Pedal Right For You? SPECIFICATIONS On This Pedal The Big Muff sound is more familiar to you than you might expect, and despite its silly name, this thing packs a punch. The Big Muff line […]

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Answering Music Production Software Questions: The Best DAWs For Music Production In 2022

3 August 2022

via Point Blank Contents Ableton Live FL Studio Logic Pro Studio One Reaper Cubase Reason Bitwig Studio Pro Tools Best Free DAWs Many producers think that their way of making music is the best way to do it. Different producers have different needs, preferences, and ways of doing things in the studio and when working […]

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Point Blank Masterclass: Thomas Irwin Talks Combining Electronic Music w/ Live Organic Instruments

25 July 2022

Thomas Irwin has worked with many labels around the globe, including Sony, Spinnin’, Dharma, Warner and more and received a BBC introducing top 10 uploads for the year 2019. As well as dropping hit tracks, the young artist has also performed at venues both in London and around the world, including debuting at the prestigious […]

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30 May 2022

When it comes to versatility, analog vibes, and sheer amount of preset options for you to browse, there is no better synth out there than Spectrasonic’s Omnisphere 2. The original Omnisphere synth was released back in 2008 and offered an incredible amount of factory-built presets and sounds and was arguably one of the most well-received […]

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Soundwide Offers A Community For Producers Unlike Any Other

19 May 2022

If you are a music producer, brands like Native Instruments and iZotope are household names. These brands have built their reputation on quality plugins and tools that have helped the producer community push the boundaries of the possible. In a recent move, all of these powerhouse players in the production world will be moving under […]

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