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Artists Who Sound Like: Feed Me

1 August 2022

S.R. Hart Feed Me is an electronic dance artist who hails from English county Hertfordshire. The man behind the Feed Me moniker is Jon Gooch. Gooch started making music under the name Feed Me in 2008, releasing Feed Me’s first album, Feed Me’s Big Adventure, in 2010. Prior to that, he used the moniker Spor.  […]

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Who (and What) Are THE DRIVER ERA? We Find Out in Our Latest Interview

29 July 2022

Samuel Fisher Contents THE DRIVER ERA In The Studio THE DRIVER ERA’s Relationship With Their Music How Does THE DRIVER ERA’s Music Evolve? Where Is THE DRIVER ERA Headed? THE DRIVER ERA’s Ross and Rocky Lynch are more than just pretty faces. They’ve got pretty minds, too. How do I know? Well, THE DRIVER ERA spoke to […]

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Artists Who Sound Like: Dirty South

28 July 2022

Damian Guiney Dirty South is a well-loved Serbian-Australian DJ and producer. His music ranges from original progressive and electronic house to film-oriented indie pop to club remixes. In 1978, Dirty South was born Dragan Roganović in Belgrade, Serbia. His first stabs at mixing involved splicing a physical tape deck. Fast forward a few years to […]

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Artists Who Sound Like Rampa

19 July 2022

Keinemusik Bursting into the house dance scene in 2009, Rampa has been non-stop since. Through collaborations and solo projects, he’s been making music that’ll be sure to get any crowd on their feet. One of the most interesting parts of his music is that he does it by the phrase “less is more”, all about […]

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Henri Bergmann makes her full EP debut on Watergate Records with the captivating ‘Mind Control’ EP

18 July 2022

The Londoner has picked up support from everyone from Dixon, Solomun and Maceo Plex. Photo by: Jimi Herrtage The Jonathan Kaspar Remix of Higher Dimension by Henri Bergmann, Fat Cosmoe, Wennink featured on my 15 best Indie Dance songs of May 2022, and Henri’s newest release on one of my favorite labels, Watergate, is a […]

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Iconic Dance Music that Gives Nostalgia For The 90s (Even if you Weren’t Born Yet)

6 July 2022

CD Stores Are A Thing Of The Past, But The Music Contained On Them Will Never Die Everyone has some nostalgia for the energetic dance beats of the 90s, even those of us who were born in 1999 and later. Because 90s dance music was iconic for its signature sound and unique attitude, it was […]

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Artists Who Sound Like: Yotto

4 July 2022

Miro Kalliola Songwriter, DJ, and producer Otto Yliperttula is a Finnish musical professional but he’s more commonly known by his stage name: Yotto. Fans know and love Yotto for his deep house, dance, and electronic beats. And with almost a million monthly Spotify listeners, Yotto is clearly a fan favorite. Take a peek at Magnetic’s […]

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