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DJ SHORTKUTZ Takes Over With His Latest Single, “Out of Love”

21 September 2022

Recent years have witnessed a massive migration in the entertainment scene, with DJs transitioning into music composition, if not production. Though it might have been a surprise move earlier, it’s become common today. However, not every other DJ out there can become an artist. You might interact with various musical aspects, but it demands something […]

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Artists Who Sound Like: Feed Me

1 August 2022

S.R. Hart Feed Me is an electronic dance artist who hails from English county Hertfordshire. The man behind the Feed Me moniker is Jon Gooch. Gooch started making music under the name Feed Me in 2008, releasing Feed Me’s first album, Feed Me’s Big Adventure, in 2010. Prior to that, he used the moniker Spor.  […]

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Artists Who Sound Like: Dirty South

28 July 2022

Damian Guiney Dirty South is a well-loved Serbian-Australian DJ and producer. His music ranges from original progressive and electronic house to film-oriented indie pop to club remixes. In 1978, Dirty South was born Dragan Roganović in Belgrade, Serbia. His first stabs at mixing involved splicing a physical tape deck. Fast forward a few years to […]

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Artists Who Sound Like: Sébastien Léger

14 July 2022

This Paris-based producer, musician, and DJ has been turning heads in both the US and Europe with hit songs such as “Aqualight” and “Lanarka”. Sebastien Leger’s sound is relaxing and hypnotic, often classified as deep house due to its ambient and subdued quality.  Though his sound is more chill than other house artists, Sebastien Leger’s […]

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How DJ Montay Achieved What Few Atlanta Producers Ever Could

1 June 2022

It takes almost a decade of work to create an overnight success. DJ Montay, one member of Atlanta’s Southern Style DJs, is an example of this.  Joining Atlanta’s Big Oomp Records as a teenager, he spent years soaking up game from Big Oomp producers like Freddy B and MC Assault and DJs like DJ Jelly, […]

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BeDJ: DJ Mixing Masterclasses With Step-By-Step Instructions

17 March 2022

BeDJ Mixing Masterclass Lessons BeDJ BeDJ is a new service which extremely helpful for everybody who wants to be a DJ, providing beginners and experienced DJs with an opportunity to play sets just like their favorite artists over a variety of genres. Each lesson shows mixer timestamped instructions of when to start/stop a track, when […]

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Clean Scene Publishes Report On DJ Travel, Emissions & Carbon Footprint

30 March 2021

louis magnotti on Unsplash Clean Scene, a Berlin-based collective made up of music industry professionals who want to create a cleaner, greener, and more equitable future for dance music, has released a report on the impact of flights by DJs. Titled the lengthy, Last Night a DJ Took a Flight: Exploring the carbon footprint of […]

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