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How DJ Montay Achieved What Few Atlanta Producers Ever Could

1 June 2022

It takes almost a decade of work to create an overnight success. DJ Montay, one member of Atlanta’s Southern Style DJs, is an example of this.  Joining Atlanta’s Big Oomp Records as a teenager, he spent years soaking up game from Big Oomp producers like Freddy B and MC Assault and DJs like DJ Jelly, […]

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BeDJ: DJ Mixing Masterclasses With Step-By-Step Instructions

17 March 2022

BeDJ Mixing Masterclass Lessons BeDJ BeDJ is a new service which extremely helpful for everybody who wants to be a DJ, providing beginners and experienced DJs with an opportunity to play sets just like their favorite artists over a variety of genres. Each lesson shows mixer timestamped instructions of when to start/stop a track, when […]

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Clean Scene Publishes Report On DJ Travel, Emissions & Carbon Footprint

30 March 2021

louis magnotti on Unsplash Clean Scene, a Berlin-based collective made up of music industry professionals who want to create a cleaner, greener, and more equitable future for dance music, has released a report on the impact of flights by DJs. Titled the lengthy, Last Night a DJ Took a Flight: Exploring the carbon footprint of […]

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