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5 Must-Have Playlists that Scratch a Very Specific Itch

11 July 2022

The average music listener usually has a few basic playlists on hand. Among these, there’s probably a happy one, a sad one, a workout one—maybe even a couple of genre-specific sets. There’s nothing wrong with that.  But it’s the musical equivalent of eating at McDonalds. Why limit your song categories when you could dine on playlists […]

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6 Tips for Becoming the Friend Who Gets the Aux

6 July 2022

David Emrich Headlights bounce into your driveway. You pull on your Filas. You grab a jacket. You jog to the waiting car. As you hop into the front seat and mumble hello, your coolest friend passes a black wire into your sweaty hands. You’ve been waiting all day for this. The chance to be on aux cord. After […]

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