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Drum & Bass

The Top Five Drum & Bass Remixes Of All Time: Koven Shares Their Favorite D&B Reworks

6 December 2022

Drum & Bass is a genre deeply engrained in the underground world of dance music. Sure, it’s never the biggest and most popular genre of EDM, but it’s constantly doing its things under the surface and earning its place in the hearts and souls of clubgoers.  And the remix culture engrained in any genre with […]

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Andrea Alvarez’s ‘Baby Listen’ EP Is A Bass-Heavy, Break-Beat Wonder

14 November 2022

Genres such as jungle and Drum & Bass have been around since the dawn of dance music. As such, these genres are deeply engrained into the culture and sonic palette of almost every dance genre. Club culture is so used to hearing the breakbeat rhythms and low-churning bass lines that it can be hard to […]

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40+ Hours Of Dance Music History: A Comprehensive Library Of Free EDM Documentaries

30 June 2022

Electronic dance music has a vibrant history that has spanned the better part of over four decades. Dance music is a genre of music that is driven by technology, and as genres like techno and house have come of age so has the auxiliary technology used to capture every moment of it. This means fans […]

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Artistic Integrity: How Social Media Has Effected Moby’s Creativity and His Outlook On Music

24 June 2022

‘If you do something in a public capacity, somebody is going to hate you for it…’  An hour-long conversation and thousands of words exchanged between us, these simple few still hang on my mind days after sitting down with Moby. Here I ruminate on how the meaning of a term like ‘public capacity’ can shift […]

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Premier: Section & OB1 – ‘Fly to Me’

20 June 2022

Counterpoint Recordings has long been a leading force in the underground drum & bass scene, consistently supporting some of the hottest up and coming talent in the scene.  “The Fourth Hour” is a 12-track artist album set to release on July 8th, 2022, and was written and produced by the British artist Section. The first […]

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Rampage Returns To Open Air For An XXL Edition This Year

3 May 2022

Through July 1, 2, and 3, Rampage returns to Kristalpark in Lommel, Belgium, a pristine spot away from everyone and everything, to set up a Walhalla for drum&bass and dubstep fans. After a first, very successful edition in 2019, this second edition of the biggest drum&bass and dubstep party in the world is set to be of the […]

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Premiere: Billain – Interceptor [Renraku Global]

23 March 2022

Billain Venator Photography This may be my last premiere at Magnetic (I am leaving Friday), so I am going to make it count. Get your socks on because this is a heavy one. Billain is a Bosnian producer, DJ and sound designer who puts out some well-made and heavy drum and bass. We are happy […]

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EP Review: Nia Archives – Forbidden Feelingz

10 March 2022

Nia Archives Delphino Productions Hotly tipped UK producer Nia Archives has released a new EP Forbidden Feelingz. Nia Archives was born in Bradford and grew up in Leeds, where her earliest memories of music are deeply rooted in her Jamaican heritage. At 16, Nia Archives moved to Manchester, where she got into the dance music […]

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Chase & Status & Back Road Gee Release New Song “When It Rains”

11 February 2022

Chase & Status & Back Road Gee Photo Provided By Emily Gale – Triple Threat Mgmt Chase & Status have teamed up with Back Road Gee on a rude new single “When It Rains.” As the title might suggest, it hones on the phrase “when it rains, it pours” and the fallout from that personally […]

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15 Best Drum & Bass Tracks of March 2021

8 April 2021

Pola & Bryson Hana Makovcova As things seem to slowly be getting back to normal and finally there is an end in sight to all of this lockdown madness, we’re getting more excited than ever to get back in to the rave, enjoying drum & bass as it was meant to be enjoyed on a […]

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