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Artists Who Sound Like: Her’s

4 August 2022

Her’s was a Liverpool-based band made up of members Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading. Their dream-pop tracks often featured low vocals softened by glowy guitar loops.  Her’s’ genius shines in this gorgeous performance of hit “What Once Was.” ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching!Visit Website The saddest part of writing about Her’s is having to talk about […]

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Artists Who Sound Like: Sultan + Shepard

4 July 2022

Sultan + Shepard is well-known for their banging progressive house electronic tracks.  The duo’s two members are Sultan (born as Ossama Al Sarraf) and Ned Shepard. Sultan + Shepard’s work falls into genres like progressive house, deep house, and big room house.  While they’ve put out plenty of original tunes, Sultan + Shepard is also experienced […]

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