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The Best Free Progressive House Packs: Thousands of Synths, Drum Loops, and One Shots

8 September 2022

C/O artist If you’re making progressive house or one of its many more niche sub-genres, you need to use the best samples. Your kick drums need to have weight and punch, your claps and snares need bite and power, and your hi-hats need to pop right out of the speakers.  That’s why we compiled this […]

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Free Trance Samples: Thousands Of Percussions, Loops, and FX Sounds For Your Uplifting Productions

7 September 2022

Paul Van Dyk, the living legend of trance music When you’re producing 138bpm trance, the sample selection and sound palette are much different than when you’re producing other genres. You need tight and powerful kick drums, fast-paced drum loops, and FX hits that are larger than life. Love Producing House Music? Snag these 4k+ Free […]

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Satin Jackets’ 5 Favorite Plugins For Producing Nu-Disco

25 August 2022

Contents STREAM SATIN JACKETS’ LATEST SINGLE ‘FIRST THING’ Fabfilter Saturn 2 Elysia Alpha Compressor SPL Vitalizer MK2-T Hitsville EQ Mastering Native Instruments Supercharger GT Satin Jackets’ signature sound has made him a mainstay in many worlds. Whether it’s his warm vocal takes, funk bass lines, grooving percussions, or unique live sets, his signature nu-disco sound […]

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