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Your Sunday Funday Deep House Playlist

14 September 2022

The best way to combat the Sunday Scaries is with a delicious Sunday Funday celebration and a fire playlist that will help you forget how much you hate Mondays. Yeah, but what is deep house? Deep house is a style of house music known for having a lower tempo (usually between 110 and 125 BMP), […]

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Check Out The Magic Elderbrook Brought To Northern Nights Music Festival

4 August 2022

Johnny Edge Elderbrook, the artist and singer who brought us the likes of ‘Cola’ and ‘Inner Light’ took to the stage of Northern Nights Music Festival Cook’s Valley Campground in Piercy, California. ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching!Visit Website You can see through the photos that we caught that the weather at the 2022 festival was hot and […]

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The 15 Best Vinyl Releases of February 2022

3 March 2022

Vinyl Photo by Florian Kurz As the supply chains start to open up a bit more and the vinyl pressing plans continue to run non stop, each month should see an increase in vinyl releases as the year moves on. In February alone, Upcoming Vinyl listed more than 800 releases keeping me very busy but also […]

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