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Electronic Music History

Ten Trance Labels That Defined The Genre And Shaped The Sound Of Melodic Dance Music

12 September 2022

Contents Black Hole Bonzai BXR EYE Q Hooj Choons MFS Perfecto Platipus Tsunami Vandit Trance – you either love it or hate it.  The sound’s rich combination of melody, harmony, and repetition keeps bringing smiles to people’s faces across the globe – and undoubtedly had a significant influence on future electronic music to come.  ADVERTISEMENT […]

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The Effects Of Urban Music On Electronica And The Sounds Of Dance Music

26 August 2022

Contents Stream Night Tales Latest Single, “Patient” How has urban music influenced electronica? How would electronica be different today if not for the influences of urban music? Where do you see the future of electronica over the next decade? How will urban music’s influence change as the commodification of dance music intensifies? Where would I […]

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