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Electronic Music Production Tutorial

Captain Plugins 5 Review: Music Production and Songwriting Made Easy (Kind Of)

4 October 2022

Captain Plugins make songwriting pretty damn simply (in a good way) Contents What Is Included In The Captain 5 Bundle Captain Chords Captain Deep Captain Melody Captain Beat Captain Play Is This Bundle Right For You? Mixed In Key recently released a new suite of plugins designed to make your time in the studio more […]

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Get Professional Feedback On Your Music From Our Team Of Producers, AnR, and Industry Pros

30 September 2022

You think your music is good, but labels do not reply, artists stop responding, and you’re not building the momentum your career needs.  So what should you do? You might get there eventually by getting feedback from random producers on Reddit or digging around for hours for the solution on YouTube. But that could take […]

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Jeremy Olander’s 7 Favorite Plugins For Producing Progressive House

18 August 2022

Jeremy Olander is a familiar face in melodic techno, progressive house, and club music. Racking up hundreds of thousands of plays and releasing music alongside Eric Pyrdz and more, he seems to have figured out the recipe for success in his productions.  And as the darker side of music production becomes increasingly popular, more producers […]

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The Ultimate List Of Free Sylenth1 Presets: Every Sound You Need For Lennar’s Sylenth

17 August 2022

Contents The Care Package Free Ultimate Collection Trap God Sylenth Bank Togo Studios 128 Sylenth Progressive Sessions Zenas Sylenth1 Bank What About: Free Sylenth1 EDM Presets Martin Garrix Sylenth1 Presets Free Sylenth1 Trap Presets RusHeffect- DriveWave Noir Vandalism’s Free Sylenth1 Pack Plugin Boutique – Sylenth Synth Sampler BIG ROOM Complete Production Package Demo Sound Shock […]

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The Best Plugins For Melodic House Production: Budakid Shares His Favorite VSTs

5 August 2022

Contents Stream Budakid’s Latest Single ‘Coffee Cup’ Bazzism Vocalsynth 2 Devil Loc Deluxe Omnisphere 2 Paul Stretch Budakid is a powerhouse producer in the world of deep, organic, melodic house music. Racking up hundreds of thousands of plays on big labels like Disco Halal, Watergate Records, and Guy J’s Lost & Found, Budakid seems to […]

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Music Studio Aesthetics And The Art Of Making An Impressive Space

20 July 2022

Contents Why You Absolutely Need An Aesthetically-Pleasing Bedroom Studio You Studio Color Palette Should Be Subtle Plants Really Bring A Studio To Life Include Multiple Lighting Options Books Help More That You Think Have Plenty of Storage Don’t Forget To Look Up Keep the Decor Simple Whether you like it or not, your bedroom (and, […]

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Point Blank Tutorial: Daft Punk Style Vintage Sidechain Compression in Logic Pro

13 May 2022

In this music production tutorial, Matt Mauldin, one of Point Blank LA’s instructors, shows how you can create that distinctive ’90s pumping compression sound. Using the Alesis 3630 Compressor, this technique was made famous over a decade ago by Daft Punk and other French house artists. The pumping sound is created by using the kick […]

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Point Blank Tutorial: Spitfire Audio’s Cairo Breaks Down His Trailer for GAIKA’s Sound Pack War Island

25 March 2022

In this tutorial, Cairo shows how he scored the trailer for the Spitfire Audio and GAIKA sound library, War Island. War Island features GAIKA‘s signature sound design elements, hosting 42 presets split into 6 sections of pads, basses, leads, atmospheres, drums, vocals and more. The sound library is built into Spitfire Audio’s classic plugin design, […]

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