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How Barry Topping Moved From Touring To Composing Music For The Game Sentry

8 August 2022

Sentry is an upcoming action-defense first-person shooter being developed by Fireblade Software. The player(s) can utilize turrets, environmental destruction, or traps to defend their spaceship against waves of relentless aliens through a dynamic single-player or co-op campaign.  Barry Topping (aka Epoch), the composer for Sentry, is based out of Scotland and has been in the […]

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Jean-Michel Jarre Releases Musical Score For Exhibit On Brazilian Amazon By Sebastião Salgado

13 April 2021

Jean-Michel Jarre EDDA Jean-Michel Jarre has released a 52-minute musical score for Amazônia, an immersive exhibition focusing on the Brazilian Amazon by award-winning photographer and filmmaker Sebastião Salgado. The exhibit will feature more than 200 photographs and other media by Salgado. He traveled the region for six years, capturing the forest, the rivers, the mountains […]

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