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Factory Planets

LoFi Release – Factory Planets Drops Utopian Dystopia 3.0 EP

7 October 2022

Factory Planets Utopian Dystopia 3.0 EP Denver-based duo Factory Planets are now on their 3rd EP from the Utopian Dystopia Series that started dropping last year. Inspired by old-school downtempo jams, sample culture, and hip-hop instrumentals, the 3rd installment keeps you guessing at the samples used and provides the perfect groove for working, chilling, smokin’ […]

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Chillout / LoFi Premiere – Factory Planets Drop Dystopian Utopia 2.0

10 June 2022

Mile High City based duo Factory Planets are dropping their second EP on June 10th on Spotify and Beatport with all major streaming platforms to follow. The Dystopian Utopia 2.0 EP follows up where the first left off with chilled-out LoFi grooves and a couple DJ Tools for transitioning and building up DJ sets. The […]

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New LoFi Downtempo – Factory Planets Drops Utopian Dystopia EP

25 March 2022

The duo of Factory Planets have a long history in the electronic music space, mostly in the house and tech house genres. As with most producers they felt the need to explore new genres and sounds, and the moniker was born.  As fans of the classic chillout sounds of the 90s and early 00s, the […]

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