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Female Producers

The Best Female DJs: Tita Lau Shares Her Favorite Women Selectors

29 November 2022

In an industry as heavily man-dominated as the music industry, it can be hard for female voices to cut through the noise. What’s worst is the sad reality is that this is true regardless of raw talent and skill.  Because the industry is filled with incredibly talented female DJs crushing it in their respective genres, […]

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Females In Drum & Bass: Ruth Royall Shares Her Favorite Girl DJs

22 August 2022

Contents Stream Ruth Royall’s Latest Single Riya Charlie Tee Katie Koven Charlotte Haining Jenna G Eva Lazarus Final Thoughts Ruth Royall is a fast-rising name in the world of drum & bass. Her energetic, sub-sonic sets have captivated the eyes and ears of many throughout the genre, and her top-notch productions have made her a […]

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RaeCola’s Favorite Female Producers Who Are Crushing The Underground This Summer

1 August 2022

Contents Kaleena Zanders Uniiqu3 A Hundred Drums Honeyluv Suzi Analogue In a male-dominated industry, music production has had an uproar of amazing female producers shaking up the scene. But with the release of their latest ‘Bezerk’ EP, a two-track volume of tech-house purity, RaeCola wanted to reflect on the sheer number of female DJs and producers […]

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Artists Who Sound Like: Coco & Clair Clair

8 June 2022

Coco & Clair Clair are a duo from Atlanta who started making music for fun, but their sound was unmistakably unique; shaping them into a phenomenon in and of itself.  Iconic anthems “Pretty” and “Pop Star” first went viral on TikTok before moving Coco & Clair Clair’s sound to inspire a new completely new wave […]

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