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Festival Guide

Different Camping Setups for Music Festivals

12 October 2022

Contents Car Camping Group Camping Glamping Music festivals are notoriously exciting events that provide many fun adventures. From catching your favorite artists to meeting members of a tight-knit community, there’s no time for dull experiences.  In fact, most people will say camping is the best part of any outdoor show. If you disagree, you probably […]

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Magnetic’s Gear Guide For Summer and Fall Traveling and Festivals

18 July 2022

Contents Clothing Recommendations Best Festival and Traveling Shoes Stay Charged Up at the Festival Gear and Games for Festival Comfort To-Go Gear Staying Refreshed and Hydrated CBD & Cannabis Products Geared for Festival Fun For those looking for gear to help enhance their camping and festival experiences, here’s a curated list of items I discovered […]

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The Short Girl’s Guide to Concerts, Shows, and Festivals

11 July 2022

Atikh Bana Contents Do Your Research Getting To The Show Early Choosing the Right Shoes Entering the Venue (Navigating The Tall Dudes) Finding the Right Window Moving Back Your view is half stage, half sweaty backs of necks. Occasionally, you catch glimpses of bassist and guitarist. Maybe the drummer—if you can hold a calf raise. […]

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