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Franky Wah

Magnetic Mix 195: Nihil Young Celebrates His Latest Release On Frank Wah’s Label

16 September 2022

Contents Stream Nihil Young’s Latest Single Magnetic Mix 195: Nihil Young Tracklist: Nihil Young’s journey as a producer can be defined and summarized in a single word… Consistent For years, this man has produced nothing short of fantastic music that is deeply melodic, gripping, and tells a story that no words could do justice for. […]

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The 15 Best Vinyl Releases of February 2022

3 March 2022

Vinyl Photo by Florian Kurz As the supply chains start to open up a bit more and the vinyl pressing plans continue to run non stop, each month should see an increase in vinyl releases as the year moves on. In February alone, Upcoming Vinyl listed more than 800 releases keeping me very busy but also […]

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Sasha Releases ‘LUZoSCURA’ Mix Compilation With MJ Cole, BAILE, QRTR

7 May 2021

Sasha Jimmy Mould Sasha has released his new mix compilation LUZoSCURA with 21 new and exclusive tracks (some have emerged as singles over the past few weeks). It includes three new ones from Sasha, plus others by QRTR, BAILE, Alex Banks, lau.ra, Rival Consoles, MJ Cole and others The compilation has come quite a ways […]

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15 Best House Tracks of February 2021

4 March 2021

SÉBASTIEN LÉGER Purple Wall / Courtesy of Artist As per usual, the house chart is oozing multiple styles that seem to be on the very fringe while embracing other sub-genres like tech and progressive. However you slice it though, it’s all house music. If it gives you that special feeling, it’s probably house music. So […]

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