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A Plague Tale: Requiem Review – An Emotionally jarring journey through 14th Century France

1 November 2022

Contents A Plague Tale: Requiem’s Visuals Are Stunning A Plague Tale: Requiem’s Story Is Personal A Plague Tale: Requiem’s Gameplay Is Redundant Final Thoughts The first installment in the series was released in 2019 and was met with resounding praise, barring some complaints about gameplay. Requiem takes everything it got right in the first game […]

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Sunday Gold: Tips And Tricks For The Best Minigames In Dystopian London

13 October 2022

Let’s get to work and get the loot. It’s not easy being a hacker, locksmith, and weight lifting champion all at the same time. Your time in the London underground will be full of obstacles that will be in your way, but fear not, with these hints you won’t even have to save scum your […]

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How To Use Live Captions for Music & Gaming

12 October 2022

Just like any other captioning feature, live captions for music and gaming can be extremely helpful for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. But live captions can also be a great way to follow along with your favorite songs and games while you’re doing other things. Here’s how to use live captions for […]

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World Of Warcraft Desktop Wallpapers: 1k+ Free HD Downloads

27 September 2022

Contents The Best World Of WarcraftWallpapers World Of Warcraft Desktop Wallpaper Size How To Make Your Own Elden Ring Desktop Wallpaper To carry the title of the most popular MMORPG in history, you need to be able to continually captivate your audiences with grand landscapes, heroic trails of combat, intriguing quest lines, and minimal corporate […]

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Sunday Gold Review: A Point-A-Click RPG Set In Dystopian London

12 September 2022

Contents Life In The Slums: Sunday Gold’s Aesthetics Exploring The World Of Gold Sunday Sunday Gold Gameplay Voice Acting In Gold Sunday What I Didn’t Like About Gold Sunday Final Thoughts Your name is Frank; a too old for this, bloodshot-eyed, mohawk-wearing, cigar-chomping asshole living in the dystopian noir hell hole streets of London. You […]

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The Fire Giant In Elden Ring: Learn How To Defeat Him In this Elden Ring Boss Guide

9 September 2022

Contents Where Is The Fire Giant Boss? Fighting The Fire Giant Boss Elden Ring boasts an impressive 165 bosses for players to battle, many of whom are weak and repetitive, but a select few will give even the most tested players a run for their money. This is potentially the highest number of bosses in […]

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Here’s How A Team Of Only Two People Designed A Massive Open-World Game

2 September 2022

The Iron Oath is a turn-based, tactical CRPG taking inspiration from games like Darkest Dungeon and Dungeons and Dragons. The game began as an idea to add another feature to the development team’s favorite game, Darkest Dungeon. As more ideas kept coming, they decided to do a full-time project and successfully funded The Iron Oath […]

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We Are OFK Review: A Fresh New Way For Music To Be Released

1 September 2022

Contents What Is We Are OFK About?  How We Are OFK Blends Its Mediums We Are OFK’s Gameplay Negatives of We Are OFK Final Thoughts On We Are OFK We Are OFK is an interactive experience that spans five episodic entries. Like many visual novels or point-and-click-styled games before it, you’ll be greeted with the […]

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Why Now Is The Time To Experience Xenoblade Chronicles: Even If You’re New To The Game

30 August 2022

Contents Where should you start in Xenoblade Chronicles? What to expect from Xenoblade’s combat A wild story with endearing characters  TL;DR Xenoblade Chronicles is Anime KOTOR Have you ever looked at something for a far too long while at the grocery store and then didn’t buy it? Well, that’s been my experience with Xenoblade games- […]

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THYMESIA Review: An Incredible New Souls-Like Action RPG From Overboard Studios

16 August 2022

Contents First Impressions Of Thymesia Thymesia Gameplay Exploring The World Of Thymesia Combat Mechanics In Thymesia Thymesia Graphics Thymesia is a terror-strewn, face-paced action RPG with intricate weapon systems set in a kingdom infected by a mysterious ever-spreading plague.  You take on the role of a character known only by his code name: Karbus. In his […]

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Rebirth Unlocked: The Complete Guide To Elden Ring Respecs

21 June 2022

Tarnished players making their way through The Lands Between in Elden Ring may have encountered Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon in the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Rennala is a shardbearer and can be defeated to gain the Great Rune of the Unborn. Once defeated the player can speak with her to unlock the “Rebirth” […]

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How Long Does It Take To Beat Elden Ring?

25 May 2022

Elden Ring is the latest adventure developed by FromSoftware, and it proves to be its largest yet, both in terms of the size of its map and in how long it takes to complete its main campaign.  FromSoftware lives up to its legacy of delivering a sprawling interconnected map, a story rich with lore that […]

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