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Group Therapy

Anjunabeats’ Nourey Fights Climate Change By Blending MIT Research and Music

21 July 2022

Nourey Contents Is there a way to utilize the research used in your studies for festival planning to improve festival structure design to give attendees relief from the heat? How do you see VR playing a role in establishing stronger ties in local music communities? Besides on-site merchandise sales, what messaging can Anjuna and the […]

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Exploring Medicinal & Therapeutic Treatments Using Psychedelics at SXSW Online

23 March 2022

During my coverage of SXSW Online 2022, I caught the featured session “Psychedelics for Therapeutics and Well-being.” This session explored how modern research in psychedelics has shifted from the Timothy Leary “turn-on, tune-in, and drop-out” culture that defined the ’60s into an evidence-based treatment for psychiatric diseases. Shrooms Photo Credit: Nathan Howard ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for […]

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