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Finding Mentors In The Music Industry: Entel Shows How Finding A Mentor Can Define Your Career

23 September 2022

Knowing the right people in the music industry might get you more opportunities but if you don’t have the skill set to back it up then all the gigs and opportunities in the world won’t get you anywhere.  And good mentor has been-there-done-that and can help producers and artists who are at an earlier stage […]

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Entel Drops High Energy Single On Grum’s Deep State Imprint

8 August 2022

With the popularity of deep, melodic progressive music on a continual rise, the scene is always hungry for artists looking to deliver the timeless aspects of the genre in exciting ways. And while this is easier said than done, Columbus-based producer Entel has managed to thrive. Entel Landed A Spot On Columbus’ Top Producers: Check […]

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