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Guest Op-Ed

Finding The Perfect Fit: AAPI In Tomorrow’s Music Industry

17 May 2022

Contents The Assumptions Of AAPI In The Music Community  Cultural Pressures On Musicians In The AAPI Community The Future Of AAPI In The Music Industry Elephante Tour Dates Tim Wu, better know by his artist project Elephante, is an Asian-born producer and performing artist who’s parents immigrated from Taipei, Taiwan. Elephante‘s illustrious career was the […]

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Are Music Genres REALLY Dying?

6 May 2022

“What genre of music do you play?”  As an aspiring musician with ‘genre-fluid’ tastes, it’s a question that can throw you for a loop.  What do you call music that sidesteps the usual musical categories altogether? If it’s hard to label, can you still market it, especially as an independent or emerging musician?  ADVERTISEMENT Thanks […]

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