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Maestro Mariner Tremolo Pedal Review: A Fantastic Wobble For Synths and Guitars

7 December 2022

With the ever-growing market of synth players and music producers using guitar pedals on their hardware synths and in their productions, more and more boutique companies are either breaking ground with new guitar pedals or revamping their timeless pedals to compete with the modern market. Gibson is one such larger company whose iconic maestro line […]

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Gibson Generation Collection Unveils the New G-Bird Acoustic Guitar Based on the Legendary Gibson Hummingbird

29 November 2022

The Gibson Generation Collection opens a new evolution in sound for acoustic guitar players. Handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana, by the highly skilled craftspeople who make all Gibson acoustic guitars, the Generation Collection is proud to unveil the new G-Bird–based on the iconic Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar–to round out the series which includes the previously announced […]

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How to Create Ambient Textures with Eventide’s UltraTap Effects Pedal | Point Blank LA Tutorial

3 November 2022

Eventide’s intuitive range of hardware pedals is a must-try for any musician experimenting with their sounds. While great to use in the studio, these are perfect for live performances and are sure to take your live sets to the next level. In this video, Sweatson Klank focuses mainly on Eventide’s UltratTap Pedal, showing how easy […]

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Hologram Electronics Microcosm Review: A Gift From Above To Delay Lovers and Ambient Producers

24 October 2022

Contents My Favorite Features On The Microcosm Pedal Who Is The Microcosm Pedal Designs For? Should You Buy The Microcosm? Hologram’s Microcosm effects pedal seems to have exploded in popularity since Hologram Electronics brought it to market not too long ago. With its range of functionality, fantastic sound, and the ability to turn almost source […]

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Boss DS-1W Distortion Pedal Review: Vintage Distortion For Your Synths, Vocals, And Guitar

24 October 2022

Let’s dive into what makes this pedal so popular… Contents What’s New With The Boss DS-1w What The DS-1w Sounds Best With Why Get the DS-1w? Specs on The DW-1w Boss recently released a brand new distortion pedal, the DS-1w, modeled after the legendary DS-1 Distortion pedal that defined the sound of rock, metal, and […]

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Guitar Pedals On Synths: My Favorite Delay Pedals That Sound Better When Used On Hardware Synthesizers

18 October 2022

Contents Walrus Audio Lore Reverse Soundscape Generator Keeley Halo Andy Timmons Dual Echo Pedal Meris LVX Modular Delay System Pedal MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal Boss DD-8 Digital Delay Pedal Why Use Guitar Pedals On Synths? Running your hardware synths and keyboards through guitar pedals can be one of the most fun experiences […]

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The New BOSS Pedal Promises New Levels Of Tonal Possibilities In Your Synths and Guitars

6 October 2022

Contents What is the DS-1 Guitar pedal? The Two Modes On The DS-1W   Specs on the DS-1W   Where Can You Get The DS-1W?   BOSS announces a brand new distortion pedal which continues to Waza Craft family line of premium guitar and effects pedals.  This pedal is based on the iconic DS-1, and fuses the look […]

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Electro-Harmonix J Mascis Signature Ram’s Head Big Muff Pi Review: A Guitar Pedal We Love On Synths

4 October 2022

Contents What Is The Electro-Harmonix J Mascis Signature Ram’s Head Big Muff P Who Is This Pedal For? Is This Pedal Right For You? SPECIFICATIONS On This Pedal The Big Muff sound is more familiar to you than you might expect, and despite its silly name, this thing packs a punch. The Big Muff line […]

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Using Guitar Pedals On Your Analog Gear: The Best Effect Pedals For Synths

30 September 2022

Music producers are always looking for a signature sound to set themselves apart. And while you indeed can find excellent ways to use VSTs or write chord progressions in a way unique to you, there is no faster way to set yourself apart than by combining things that shouldn’t go together. One such example is […]

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Electro-Harmonix J Mascis Signature Ram’s Head Big Muff: Announces Tasty New Effects Pedal

22 August 2022

Nothing catches my attention more than signature artist series product lines. Being able to access the signature sound a successful artist has built their career off of, and use it in your creative way, is beyond inspiring.  So when I heard that teamed up with J Mascis to release an exclusive guitar and effects pedal […]

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