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MKE’s Big Tone WrightSt Brings A Unique Flow To Today’s Rap Game

7 October 2022

As an artist, your primary focus on the come should be consistency and getting better with each release. Every fan is looking to grow with an artist in a sense, and constantly evolving your sound in the early stages will keep them engaged. One artist who has the consistency part down, always releasing new music, […]

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Here are Our Favorite Indie Hip-Hop Songs That Dropped In September 2022.

5 October 2022

Contents Which Rappers Released Music In September 2022? Our Favorite Indie Rap Tracks Of September 2022 Fall is here and with it comes a slew of songs and anthems for people in every genre. Everything from workouts to dance and reflective moods exist in this month’s rap and r&b list. This list really runs the […]

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