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Artists Who Sound Like: Aminé

31 October 2022

Micaiah Carter Aminé has been topping the charts ever since his hit song “Caroline” broke out in 2016. The song blew up instantly and went straight to number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. He’s no stranger to consistency either. Since then, he’s had 5 energetic albums showcasing just how he’s been paving the […]

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The Best Free Beat Making Software: Our Favorite DAWs For Making Professional Beats

25 October 2022

Contents How To Choose The Right Beatmaking Software GarageBand Serato Studio Predator Waveform MPC Beats Magix Music Maker If you’re looking to get into beat making, before you can even discuss the basics of music production, you need to find yourself a program that can help you start making beats. That program will be your […]

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Ybe K@n5eR Is Fighting Cancer Through Flow And Verse

10 October 2022

Rapping has evolved over the years, not only in terms of music but also from the position of an artist. With the fresh breed of musicians taking the rapping scene to a whole new level with their unconventional approach to conventional genres, they have also moved off of stages to build a brand that the […]

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MKE’s Big Tone WrightSt Brings A Unique Flow To Today’s Rap Game

7 October 2022

As an artist, your primary focus on the come should be consistency and getting better with each release. Every fan is looking to grow with an artist in a sense, and constantly evolving your sound in the early stages will keep them engaged. One artist who has the consistency part down, always releasing new music, […]

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Here are Our Favorite Indie Hip-Hop Songs That Dropped In September 2022.

5 October 2022

Contents Which Rappers Released Music In September 2022? Our Favorite Indie Rap Tracks Of September 2022 Fall is here and with it comes a slew of songs and anthems for people in every genre. Everything from workouts to dance and reflective moods exist in this month’s rap and r&b list. This list really runs the […]

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Lil Tony Rose Brings Vulnerability Back To The Ruthless Genre Of Hip-Hop

22 September 2022

Hip-hop is often a genre dominated by braggadocious lyrics and a blowing-money-fast lifestyle. And while this may work for many rappers trying to carve out a niche in this industry, the majority of up-and-coming artists soon find that it isn’t working like it used to. On the other hand, Lil Tony Rose is taking a […]

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Thousands Of Free Hip Hop Samples and Packs For Producers and Beatmakers To Download

27 August 2022

Hot Take: Paying money for hip-hop sample packs is overrated. Because hip hop, unlike genres like E.D.M. or pop, is more about how you use the samples than the actual quality samples themselves, which means that you can get as professional-sounding results from free hip hop samples as you can from sample libraries that cost […]

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The Best Free 808 Sample Packs: Thousands of Drum Kits, Samples, and Free Drum Sounds

26 August 2022

Roland TR-808 (photo by Brandon Daniel) If you’re making hip-hop, rap, trap, drill music, or anything with a super-heavy low-end, 808 samples will be the best way to achieve what you’re after. But buying new 808 sample packs can get incredibly expensive, especially when you’re just starting out as a producer. So if you just […]

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Artists Who Sound Like: Kaytranada

20 June 2022

Photographer: Ben Clement Kevin “Kaytranada” Celestin is a Grammy award-winning Haitian-Canadian DJ. The producer gained notoriety on Soundcloud almost a decade ago.  Kaytranada’s house and electronic-infused remixes of Janet Jackson’s “If”, Teedra Moses’ “Be Your Girl”, and Jill Scott’s “Golden” garnered millions of plays. In 2016, Kaytranada released his debut album 99.9%. The album had […]

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Artists Who Sound Like: Naethan Apollo

14 June 2022

Photo courtesy of Spotify Over 20k videos on TikTok have been made using Naethan Apollo’s song “Person in the Mirror” and his latest single “Lemon Lime Lips” is already gaining traction. ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching!Visit Website From love songs to rap, Naethan Apollo’s witty verses and down-to-earth style is appealing to anyone looking for music that […]

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How DJ Montay Achieved What Few Atlanta Producers Ever Could

1 June 2022

It takes almost a decade of work to create an overnight success. DJ Montay, one member of Atlanta’s Southern Style DJs, is an example of this.  Joining Atlanta’s Big Oomp Records as a teenager, he spent years soaking up game from Big Oomp producers like Freddy B and MC Assault and DJs like DJ Jelly, […]

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RAPTUM Shares A Powerful Ode to Authenticity on ‘Suffercate’

19 May 2022

RAPTUM Zuriel X Based in the heart of East London and bringing a raw, lyrical flow to his craft – RAPTUM has just dropped his latest single ‘Suffercate’. Self-released and full of DIY grit, it’s a track that captures all that’s strong about the UK rap scene right now. RAPTUM’s flow is borderline outrageous, on par […]

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