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Resident Evil Desktop Wallpapers: 1000+ Free HD Downloads

31 August 2022

The Resident Evil franchise fans are some of the most loyal batch of gamers in the industry. Whether it’s the idea of toppling a maniacal corporation such as Umbrella, gunning down zombies or just surviving against horrific elements, Resident Evil has carved out a niche all its own. And with games with as much depth […]

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5 Horror Games You Can Snag For Under $1

15 July 2022

Contents Buy Resident Evil: Revelations 2 For $.77 Buy The Walking Dead: 400 Days For $.84 Buy Outlast: Whistleblower For $.98 Buy This War of Mine: The Little Ones For $.74 Buy West of Dead For $.87 Horror games come in all shapes and sizes. Horror shooters force you to be fast on your feet […]

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