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Artists Who Sound Like: Phoneboy

22 August 2022

Indie-rock band Phoneboy is full of playful angst and DIY charm. Phoneboy started playing local gigs around Hoboken, NJ, to revitalize Stevens Institute of Technology’s less-than-huge indie scene. Now, they’ve played their bangers on stages across the. U.S. Founding members Ricky Dana and Wyn Barnum met at Stevens, and bass player James Fusco is a […]

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Indie Music: The Complete Breakdown Of The Most Diverse and Well-Loved Genres Of Music

8 August 2022

Clay Banks You’re in college. You’ve just joined a music club. It’s (supposedly) populated by none other than the most incredible, artsiest kids on campus. To break the ice, you ask everyone what their favorite genre is. Contents Popular Indie Artists What Does “Indie Music” Mean? What Does Indie Music Sound Like? What Counts as […]

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