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Topo Chico Will Debut Their First-Ever EP Supporting Indie Artists

1 November 2022

In today’s music industry, it is either feast or famine and none are left with an empty plate more often than independent artists. But as the lifeblood of music culture globally, there can never be enough initiatives to support the smaller acts on which the industry is based upon. This is why Topo Chico is […]

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These Are The Best Ways Indie Artists Should Be Engaging With Their Fans And Growing Their Audience

26 August 2022

Fan engagement is the not-so-hidden ingredient to an artist’s success. Why do you think even top-tier artists like Ed Sheeran, a still host meet and greets with their fans? Because even for Grammy-winning artists, fan engagement is how they continue growing their fan base while retaining their established listeners’ attention.  ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching!Visit Website […]

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