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Top 15 Indie Electronic Tracks October 2022

10 October 2022

Fall is officially here in the states. This month, we bring you a chart ranging from Little Dragon to Fred again… and everything in between.  So what does this month’s Indie Electronic Playlist encompass? Chock full of groove, funky freshness, and emotive vocals, this playlist makes for the perfect late-night soundtrack. Featuring track releases from labels such as […]

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Purity Ring Mesmerizes Los Angeles with Otherworldly Performance

9 August 2022

With hits such as “Fineshrine” and “begin again,” Purity Ring has undeniably become one of the past decade’s most dynamic and impactful electronic pop duos. What began as a late-night music project has developed into a musical project that spans over a decade, three albums, an EP, and multiple tours.  Hitting the road for the […]

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Indie Music: The Complete Breakdown Of The Most Diverse and Well-Loved Genres Of Music

8 August 2022

Clay Banks You’re in college. You’ve just joined a music club. It’s (supposedly) populated by none other than the most incredible, artsiest kids on campus. To break the ice, you ask everyone what their favorite genre is. Contents Popular Indie Artists What Does “Indie Music” Mean? What Does Indie Music Sound Like? What Counts as […]

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