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Albums You’re Sleeping On In 2022 But Totally Shouldn’t Be

5 September 2022

Streaming and digital service platforms or DSPs have made music more accessible than ever, allowing us to play and stream music on a whim. The downside of being able to listen to what we want when we want is that we tend to place heavier weights on the albums and songs we know, often ignoring […]

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Best Indie Rap Songs of August 2022

19 August 2022

At the rate we are going in 2022, we may get an album from about every mainstream artist we love. The arrival in the first quarter of the year of Kendrick Lamar, coupled with second-quarter releases from Drake and Beyonce, ensures that plenty of people will be back outside supporting musical tours. Summer 2022 was […]

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Indie Music: The Complete Breakdown Of The Most Diverse and Well-Loved Genres Of Music

8 August 2022

Clay Banks You’re in college. You’ve just joined a music club. It’s (supposedly) populated by none other than the most incredible, artsiest kids on campus. To break the ice, you ask everyone what their favorite genre is. Contents Popular Indie Artists What Does “Indie Music” Mean? What Does Indie Music Sound Like? What Counts as […]

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Blu and Exile’s Advice For Building A Lasting Career In Music Through Faith and Authenticity

18 July 2022

Constant change is not only a fact of life but a fact of the entertainment industry.¬†Just as sounds and musical trends come and go, so do great solo acts and groups, despite how impactful and influential they were prior to the fall.¬† In the case of the rap duo, Blu and Exile of Los Angles, […]

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Magnetic’s 10 Best R&B Songs Of The Summer

8 July 2022

The summer is here and there’s nothing people want more than to be able to hear good music to keep them dancing and smiling. In 2022 we’ve heard of a mix of everything including vintage rap records like Logic’s Vinyl Days album to conscious rap records like Kendrick Lamar’s “Father Time” and Future’s afrobeat-influenced “Wait […]

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2022’s Most Anticipated Rap Album Releases (So Far)

23 May 2022

Kenneth Cappello Rap has years that come to mind like 1994 and 1998, but 2022 has the possibility to be a similar year. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, people have spent more time online, frequently advocating for music from their favorites including a fan on Twitter whose tweet got the great Kendrick Lamar to come […]

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13 Best Indie Rap Songs Of 2022 (…So Far)

16 May 2022

In most musicians’ stories, the awkward journey to becoming a household name involves being a neighborhood and local sensation first. But that doesn’t mean that these indie-level rap artists don’t possess the talent and skill of bigger stadium acts. But that does make finding the best, new indie rap difficult. ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching!Visit Website […]

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