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Indie Pop

Artists Who Sound Like: Dayglow

26 September 2022

Pooneh Ghana Sloan Struble, otherwise known to fans as Dayglow is an Indie-Pop singer and producer. The Texas native broke out into stardom with the release of his hit song “Can I Call You Tonight?” in 2018. His debut album Fuzzybrain also houses “Hot Rod”, another popular song.  In 2021 Dayglow released his sophomore album […]

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Artists Who Sound Like: Mickey Darling

22 September 2022

C/O Artist If you haven’t heard of Mickey Darling, here’s a quick rundown. Mickey Darling is an Indie-Pop duo consisting of San Antonio natives, Skyler Molina and Austin Medrano. Molina sings lead vocals and handles creative direction, while Medrano plays all the instruments and records.  The duo has a very D.I.Y. type of creative style, […]

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Artists Who Sound Like ROLE MODEL

30 August 2022

Daniel Prakopcyk If you haven’t listened to ROLE MODEL yet, you 100% should. Tucker Pillsbury aka ROLE MODEL makes Indie Pop music that’ll make you wanna drive with all the windows or fall in love. With every song, listeners can hear a bit of flair that gives his love songs a bit of edge to […]

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Sylvan Esso Talk New Album No Rules Sandy and Song Breakdowns in Latest Interview

25 August 2022

Shervin Lainez Contents Interview with Sylvan Esso “Moving” Full Lyrics  “Moving” Lyrics Analysis “Echo Party” Full Lyrics  “Echo Party” Lyric Analysis “Coming Back To You” Full Lyrics   “Coming Back To You” Lyrics Analysis I was lucky enough to chat with Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn of Sylvan Esso to talk about their fourth album, No Rules […]

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Artists Who Sound Like: almost monday

22 August 2022

Known for their vibrant performances and potent onstage charisma, San Diego-based band almost monday is the trio behind indie pop hits “parking lot view” and “broken people.” Members include Dawson Daugherty, Cole Clisby, and Luke Fabry. With almost 2 million monthly Spotify listeners, almost monday’s music is well-loved by their fans, and tours with artists like […]

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Show Review: THE DRIVER ERA’s 2022 Tour Kicks Off At The Starland Ballroom

11 August 2022

Holly Branco In Sayerville, New Jersey’s Starland Ballroom, the crowd seeing THE DRIVER ERA went wild. And then they went wild again. And then they went wild again. Sometimes, it was expected; beloved band member Ross Lynch might’ve pulled off a surprise breakdance move or announced a fan-favorite song, for example. But sometimes, fervent cheers ensued just […]

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Indie Music: The Complete Breakdown Of The Most Diverse and Well-Loved Genres Of Music

8 August 2022

Clay Banks You’re in college. You’ve just joined a music club. It’s (supposedly) populated by none other than the most incredible, artsiest kids on campus. To break the ice, you ask everyone what their favorite genre is. Contents Popular Indie Artists What Does “Indie Music” Mean? What Does Indie Music Sound Like? What Counts as […]

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Artists Who Sound Like: COIN

12 July 2022

XYZ Formed in Nashville, Tennessee, Indie Pop group COIN has been hot on the rise and isn’t stopping anytime soon. In March they released their most recent, and adventurous album yet, Uncanny Valley, which includes hit singles “Cutie” and “Chapstick”.  Coin has way of making upbeat, dance music that tells a story, often focusing on […]

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Artists Who Sound Like: Peach Pit

11 July 2022

Mackenzie Walker  Peach Pit is a Canadian Indie Pop band whose songs make listeners feel like are being told a story. Lead singer, Neil Smith does an effortless job of making a listener feel like they are the only one listening through his soft spoken vocals. If you are looking for easy, feel good music, […]

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