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Finding Mentors In The Music Industry: Entel Shows How Finding A Mentor Can Define Your Career

23 September 2022

Knowing the right people in the music industry might get you more opportunities but if you don’t have the skill set to back it up then all the gigs and opportunities in the world won’t get you anywhere.  And good mentor has been-there-done-that and can help producers and artists who are at an earlier stage […]

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How Musicians Can Break Down Barriers and Push Their Careers To The Next Level

20 September 2022

What red flags do you see in yourself that may prevent you from taking that step? Every musician, producer, and creative individual reaches a point in their career where they want to abandon it all and pursue a more standard occupation. And what’s sad is that the majority of these people actually do give up […]

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How Indie Artists Can Use NFTs To Connect With Their Fans and Monetize Their Communities

14 September 2022

NFT Artist BlackDave Stadium-status artists have been heavily using NFTs to interact and monetize their fanbases over the past year. This makes artists of all calibers take notice of the success of these mega-stars found in web3. But it’s such a new industry that many smaller and indie musicians don’t feel as confident as they […]

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Balancing Work, Life, And Music Production: Ben Tucker’s Advice For Busy Artists and Producers

12 September 2022

Contents Steam Ben Tucker’s Remix Below How do you find the energy for music after finishing work at your 9-5?  Do you have any advice on prioritizing and deciding what to sacrifice to make music a part of life? How important is a community to balancing production and life? Share some advice for staying inspired […]

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Advice From The Adana Twins: Five Moments That Defined Their Career

31 August 2022

C/O Artist The Adana Twins are a duo from Hamburg who has been on the slow and steady rise to infamy for a decade. Their first official release hit the airwaves in 2012, and since then, their career has been steadily building, brick by brick, to bring them to the level of superstars today.  Careers […]

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These Are The Best Ways Indie Artists Should Be Engaging With Their Fans And Growing Their Audience

26 August 2022

Fan engagement is the not-so-hidden ingredient to an artist’s success. Why do you think even top-tier artists like Ed Sheeran, a still host meet and greets with their fans? Because even for Grammy-winning artists, fan engagement is how they continue growing their fan base while retaining their established listeners’ attention.  ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching!Visit Website […]

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How Reinventing Your Brand Can Define Your Career In the Music Industry As An Artist or Producer

28 July 2022

Contents Marketing Yourself As A Musician Is Essential Build a Team of Like-Minded People to Help Be Consistent With Your Content  Capitalize on Every Opportunity Always Be Ready To Adapt Reinventing yourself is essential in an industry that prioritizes constant trends to survive. For many artists, being able to adapt and change the tactics that […]

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Mindset Is Everything: Small Hacks That Unlock Big Ideas For Artists

28 July 2022

Locked in and ready, the artist has mastered the art of a focused mindset Contents What is a Mindset? 1. Embrace Your Inner Critic 2. Train Your Brain to See the Positive 3. Visualize Your Success 4. Take Baby Steps 5. Be Willing to Fail Conclusion: Mindset Is Everything As an artist or producer, have […]

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Blu and Exile’s Advice For Building A Lasting Career In Music Through Faith and Authenticity

18 July 2022

Constant change is not only a fact of life but a fact of the entertainment industry. Just as sounds and musical trends come and go, so do great solo acts and groups, despite how impactful and influential they were prior to the fall.  In the case of the rap duo, Blu and Exile of Los Angles, […]

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Point Blank Masterclass: Kym Mazelle Shares the Secrets to Music Industry Success

14 July 2022

Kym Mazelle is a pioneer of house music.  Credited as “The First Lady of House Music”. Her music combines R&B, soul, funk, house, disco and pop. She has collaborated with many leading artists and producers, including Soul II Soul (‘Missing You’), David Morales (‘Lovin’’), Jocelyn Brown (‘No More Tears’ and ‘Gimme All Your Lovin’’) and […]

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Tyler Cain’s Career Advice For Any Producer Who Hasn’t Won A Grammy (…Yet)

13 July 2022

Creativity and passion are what guided Tyler Cain from a young age to pursue his career in music; one that is still climbing towards its apex after credits on multiple GRAMMY-nominated Albums of the Year. It can be easy for producers early in their careers to assume landing the opportunities that Tyler did comes down […]

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Music Festival Photography: Getting Perfect Shots, Landing Gigs, and Getting Paid For Your Work

6 July 2022

Contents How To Compose Your Festival Performance Photos How To Capture An Incredible Photo At Your Festival How To Get Close To The Music At A Festival Best Point And Shoot Cameras For Festival Photography A Short Guide On Processing Your Festival Photos It wasn’t that long ago that I dreamt of photographing a massive […]

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