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Industry Insider Interview: Nü Androids Founder Nayef Issa

24 March 2022

Tuan Washington DC may be known for the slime balls in government and lobbying, but there is a vibrant music scene as well. Looking beyond Go-Go music and the DMV rap scene, dance music has found itself a nice niche in the city. There is the old guard, like the people at Glow, but there […]

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Industry Insider Interview: LLPR Founder & Director Lydia Laws

15 March 2022

Lydia Laws Eleanor Weitzer PR is often a thankless job. Publicists act as the conduit between an artist, the public and media. They are more than just an email sender and receiver, but they also come up with marketing strategies, manage crises, build communities and deal with press requests. The job has evolved dramatically over […]

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Industry Insider Interview: Defected Director of Events, George Pritchard

10 March 2022

George Pritchard Photo provided by Sara Cooper PR Defected Records has grown from a label with over 20 years of experience to a large event brand that puts on shows around the world. With festivals in Croatia, London and elsewhere, plus events in the US, Ibiza, Europe, Asia and other spots around the world, the […]

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Industry Insider Interview: AudioShake Co-Founder & CEO Jessica Powell

16 February 2022

Jessica Powell Photo Provided By Tessa Harrison Of MN2S Every producer has run into this problem at some point. You want to do a remix, but don’t and probably aren’t going to get the official stems. It could be for a major artist or some other producer you admire, but aren’t on first name basis […]

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Industry Insider Interview: Nebula Nightclub Partner Richie Romero

27 January 2022

Richie Romero Courtesy of Richie Romero Call it brave or call it foolish, but opening a new nightclub in the middle of a pandemic is not for the faint of heart. Restrictions come and go and many people are hesitant to spend a few hours in an indoor structure packed with people. Nightclubs were also […]

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Industry Insider Interview: Lyric House Founder & CEO Jessica Cole

18 May 2021

Jessica Cole Brynne Zaniboni Music publishing and sync licensing is a part of the music business that can change a musician’s career. One high profile sync can take a musician from small bars to a record deal and sold out shows. Those are rare, but in the intermediate, they offer income for songwriters, producers and […]

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Industry Insider Interview: Unitea Founder Ketan Rahangdale

3 March 2021

Ketan Rahangdale Courtesy Photo Streaming music often feels impersonal and cold, putting more money in the pockets of wealthy tech investors far away rather than directly into the hands of musicians or the causes they care about. Payouts are low and artists often get lost if they don’t get premium placement in big playlists. There […]

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