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Artists Who Sound Like: Dayglow

26 September 2022

Pooneh Ghana Sloan Struble, otherwise known to fans as Dayglow is an Indie-Pop singer and producer. The Texas native broke out into stardom with the release of his hit song “Can I Call You Tonight?” in 2018. His debut album Fuzzybrain also houses “Hot Rod”, another popular song.  In 2021 Dayglow released his sophomore album […]

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Artists Who Sound Like: JAWNY

18 July 2022

C/O Artist JAWNY (A.K.A. Johnny Utah) (A.A.K.A. Jacob Lee-Nicholas Sullenger) cranks out bangers.  His alternative, indie-pop-meets-slacker-rock music is funky, fresh, and vibey. You can’t go wrong putting a JAWNY tune on. In fact, anyone who wants to play JAWNY definitely deserves the aux. JAWNY started guitar at six years old. The San Francisco native began […]

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