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Korg Volca FM2 Review: A Budget FM Synth Modeled On Yamaha’s Classic DX7

22 September 2022

Korg Contents What I Liked About The Korg Volca FM2 What I Wasn’t Crazy About On The Korg Volca FM2 Specs Of The Korg Volca FM2 Final Thoughts Initially released in 2016, Korg’s Volca FM was an affordable synth for those looking for that classic FM sound. The Korg Volca FM was a compact and […]

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Sound Design With The Korg MS-20: How RTIK Makes Incredible Patches For His Music

19 September 2022

Analog gear like the Korg MS-20 offers a unique approach to music production that no soft synth can replicate. Because hardware forces you to be way more hands-on with your productions, capturing random moments and irregular sonics that physical synth makes when you’re recording.   That being said, they often have a catch… ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for […]

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How It Was Made: kryptogram – Sneak Away With Me

3 May 2021

kryptogram Studio kryptogram kryptogram recently released a funky house single called “Sneak Away With Me” on his new album called krypt. vol2. The album touches all the disco sounds, deep house, and 90’s r&b feeling bass. Originally from Serbia, Igor fled to the States to escape the Balkans War in his home country. Finding a new […]

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How It Was Made: Gilligan Moss – S/T Album

9 April 2021

Gilligan Moss Thatcher Keats Chicago born, Brooklyn based duo Gilligan Moss have released their debut, self-titled album, out today on Foreign Family Collective. As sunny and tropical as a trip to Gilligan’s Island (at least most of the time), Gilligan Moss open up to promise of a better spring with this album. The pair have […]

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How It Was Made: Emile Mosseri – Minari Soundtrack

4 March 2021

Emile Moserri John Marsico We don’t often do scores for our How It Was Made features, but it was a treat when we got the chance to listen to the soundtrack for the outstanding film Minari, which just won the Golden Globe for best Foreign Language Film. Directed by Lee Isaac Chung, the film tells […]

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My Toolbox: Monolink – Magnetic Magazine

23 February 2021

Monolink has long been a leading voice in the live performance world of electronic music, combining techno, ambient, house, and hints of greats like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Fresh off his latest release, “The Prey,” we caught up with the illustrious artist to take a peak into his awesome studio to see exactly how […]

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