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The Top Five Drum & Bass Remixes Of All Time: Koven Shares Their Favorite D&B Reworks

6 December 2022

Drum & Bass is a genre deeply engrained in the underground world of dance music. Sure, it’s never the biggest and most popular genre of EDM, but it’s constantly doing its things under the surface and earning its place in the hearts and souls of clubgoers.  And the remix culture engrained in any genre with […]

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Koven Break Down The Deluxe Version Of Butterfly Effect & Bullet Time Mix

26 May 2021

When you think of the term bullet time, you probably instantly get flashbacks of the scene from The Matrix where Neo does his famous slow-motion back-bend. But how could a concept like that be applied to electronic music? A while back, DNB duo Koven recorded a wild mix using such technology to celebrate the release […]

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15 Best Bass Music Tracks of February 2021

2 March 2021

February brought us another stacked lineup of bass music. As we inch closer and closer to festivals and clubs fully reopening, these artists showcased a wide range of bass-oriented music. Ranging from trap to bass house, there is something for everyone in this month’s chart.  Check out February’s hottest bass music tracks from Tom Wilson, […]

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