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KRK Studio Monitors

KRK GOAUX4 Review: Portable Studio Monitors That Might Save Your Life

23 November 2022

Contents What Are The KRK GOAUX4  What I Liked About The KRK GOAUX4 What I Wasn’t Crazy About Who Are The KRK GOAUX4  For? Every once in a while, a product is released that is the solution to a problem you didn’t know you had or that you could never see coming. And when I initially […]

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Clyde Strokes Shares 5 Hip-Hop Production Tips He Learned From Scott Storch

3 November 2022

Contents Bring it back to the basics. Teamwork makes the dream work. Everyone works at their own pace. You’re more than just your music. There is no secret recipe. After earning the top spot in KRK’s Kreator Classic beat-making competition last fall, Producer Clyde Strokes was awarded a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity ― a one-on-one collaborative mix […]

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Professional Sound Engineers Explain All You Never Thought To Ask On Setting Up Monitors In A Bedroom Studio

5 September 2022

Most music producers and engineers do not have the luxury of doing their work in big-budget studios that are perfectly engineered to achieve a dialed-in sound. No, most producers (like I would I imagine) are producing in side rooms, bedrooms, and imperfect spaces in our homes and apartment buildings. ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching!Visit Website And […]

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Tyler Cain’s Career Advice For Any Producer Who Hasn’t Won A Grammy (…Yet)

13 July 2022

Creativity and passion are what guided Tyler Cain from a young age to pursue his career in music; one that is still climbing towards its apex after credits on multiple GRAMMY-nominated Albums of the Year. It can be easy for producers early in their careers to assume landing the opportunities that Tyler did comes down […]

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