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20 August 2021

KUNZITE Grant Spanier RATATAT fans are eating good this month. Evan Mast will release a solo album as E.Vast next week and today, Mike Stroud and Agustin White (Abuela) have released a new album under their KUNZITE project VISUALS. This is the sophomore album for the pair, following their debut in 2018 BIRDS DON’T FLY. […]

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KUNZITE Announce New Album ‘VISUALS’ With Single “LEMON SWAYZE”

8 July 2021

KUNZITE Grant Spanier There is a RATATAT musical war occurring in 2021! Joking, but the two members of the group are both releasing albums this year on their own. Mike Stroud is part of KUNZITE with Agustin White of Abuela, which has been active over the past few years, including their debut in 2018 BIRDS […]

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15 Best Indie Dance Tracks of January 2021

16 February 2021

Cover Art: Cherry Glazerr “Rabbit Hole” Courtesy Photo February is here, so that means it’s time to look back to what we missed in both December and January. I like to include both months in the January chart, because December’s releases are so often overlooked. Indie Discotheque has put together a fantastic collection of indie […]

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