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Lauren Mia

Sound Design With The Korg MS-20: How RTIK Makes Incredible Patches For His Music

19 September 2022

Analog gear like the Korg MS-20 offers a unique approach to music production that no soft synth can replicate. Because hardware forces you to be way more hands-on with your productions, capturing random moments and irregular sonics that physical synth makes when you’re recording.   That being said, they often have a catch… ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for […]

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How To Process Analog Synths To Get An Original Sound In Your Productions

9 September 2022

Hardware synths may not come with as many bells and whistles as a synth such as Serum, but hardware synths’ warm timbres and hands-on approach to generating ideas make them the obvious choice for many producers.  And to get a truly unique sound out of the basic oscillators on hardware synths, producers need to go […]

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