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Album Review: Lee Gamble – A Million Pieces Of You

10 September 2021

Lee Gamble Sam Clarke Lee Gamble completes his Flush Real Pharynx 2019-2021 album cycle with A Million Pieces Of You, out today. The first piece of the trilogy, In A Paraventral Scale, was released at the start of 2019, while it’s second part, Exhaust, was released in 2020. A Million Pieces Of You brings some […]

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Lee Gamble Finishing Flush Real Pharynx Triple Album Series With ‘A Million Pieces Of You’

6 July 2021

Lee Gamble Courtesy of Hyperdub Lee Gamble finishes his Flush Real Pharynx 2019-2021 triple album cycle with a new record, A Million Pieces Of You. It was written during a period when “the subjective experience of overload came to a halt, giving way to an overbearing sense of loss, burnout and a desperate need for […]

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