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How to Use Macros for Lo-fi Hip-Hop in Ableton Live: Point Blank Tutorial

6 October 2022

The term lo-fi comes from “low fidelity”, which refers to a low-quality recording with audible imperfections. These can include anything from background noise to performance mistakes and recordings created with inexpensive equipment. Lo-fi hip-hop is a popular sub-genre within the lo-fi sound that couples these techniques with simplistic rap beats. ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching!Visit Website […]

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Blue Note Records & Astralwerks Launch Lo-Fi Music Compilation Series, Bluewerks

26 February 2021

Album Art Astralwerks / Blue Note Astralwerks and Blue Note Records have teamed up to create something rather interesting. They have created Bluewerks — a new series of Lo-Fi compilations where downtempo electronica meets jazzy instrumentals. The first compilation Bluewerks, Vol. 1: Up Down Left Right, is out today and is introduced by none other […]

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