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Golden Era Delivers Fresh Remix For Downtempo Artist LO's Album Single "BLU"

9 April 2021

With the effortlessly smooth Night Owls LP out for release in the first quarter of this year, the LP’s producer and songwriter LO has passed over one of its key singles for a remix.  Originally released as a single, “BLU” will stand the test of time with its beautifully captured lo-fi, … Continue reading Source […]

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Album Review: LO – Night Owls

12 March 2021

LO Yuhki Oka We have supported the work of Berlin based producer LO in the past, and with good reason. Four years on from the release of his debut album¬†Lights, he delivers Night Owls; ten tracks of lo-fi, electronic goodness.¬† Taking on an extended project has allowed LO to dig deeper into his varied soundscapes, […]

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LO Shares New Single “Lost In A Dream” From Upcoming Album ‘Night Owls’

12 February 2021

LO Yuhki Oka In advance of his new album Night Owls being released next month, Berlin-based producer LO has shared the emphatic new single “LOST IN A DREAM.” An incredible electronic composition that showcases an artist with a unique flair for synthesis, “LOST IN A DREAM” is a cosmic journey through elements of hyperpop and […]

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