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The 5 Best Lyrics From 5 Seconds Of Summer’s Album 5SOS5

3 October 2022

C/O Artist On September 23rd, Australian Alternative Pop band 5 Seconds of Summer released their fifth studio album, 5SOS5.  Just as the band themselves are growing up and maturing, so is their sound. Each track flows seamlessly into the next while still having its own unique sound and story. As someone who’s been a fan […]

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Lyrical Breakdown And Analysis Of The 1975’s “All I Need To Hear”

28 September 2022

Samuel Bradley On September 21st, The 1975 dropped “All I Need To Hear”, the fourth single from their upcoming album, Being Funny In A Foreign Language which comes out on October 14th.  The track is a deeply vulnerable and stripped-down song, there are no bells and whistles to it, just emotions and heartfelt lyrics. Now, […]

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Dayglow’s “Can I Call You Tonight?” Lyric Breakdown and Analysis

13 September 2022

Pooneh Ghana Contents Lyrics to Dayglow’s “Can I Call You Tonight?” Analysis of Dayglow’s “Can I Call You Tonight?” Bright horizons, windowless driving, contented laughter, and Dayglow’s “Can I Call You Tonight?” are the four elements essential to any successful summer. And yet, this tune features more conflict than its breezy guitar riffs might indicate. […]

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Cubicolor’s Summer & Smoke: Read The Full Lyrics and The Deeper Meaning Behind Song

26 August 2022

Contents Stream “Summer & Smoke” Below Lyrics To “Summer & Smoke” By Cubicolor The Meaning Behind The Lyrics To Cubicolor’s Song “Summer & Smoke” Cubicolor is a group that is among the rare upper echelon of Anjunadeep’s all-star roster. Having released countless songs and produced hundreds more than never seen release, these guys seem to […]

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HALIENE Shares Full Lyrics and The Deeper Meaning Behind “Reach Across The Sky”

26 August 2022

Jessica Pelphrey Contents HALIENE “Reach Across The Sky” Full Lyrics The Story Behind HALIENE’s ‘Reach Across The Sky’  HALIENE ‘Reach Across The Sky’ Lyric Analysis HALIENE is no stranger to the stage or the limelight. She has worked with some. of the biggest names in the dance music industry and has released countless chart-topping hits […]

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24 August 2022

C/O Artist Contents ANALYSIS OF MONTELL FISH’S “DARLING” After releasing his debut album JAMIE in July, the New York-based artist Montell Fish has been making constant headlines. His album is filled with raw grieving over the end of a relationship and life itself. In the song “Darling”, Montell is singing about the thoughts in his […]

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Full Lyrics And Analysis Of Emei’s Song ‘Trust Issues

19 August 2022

Contents Full Lyrics To Emie’s “Trust Issues” Analysis Of Emei’s Lyrics ‘Trust Issues  Alt-pop meets rock Chinese American singer/songwriter Emei just dropped her latest single, “Trust Issues.” After seeing a fair amount of initial success after a few songs went viral On TikTok, Emei’s latest single is an open discussion about the issues the artist […]

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Hot Chip Explains The Meaning Of The Lyrics In Their Song “Eleanor”

17 August 2022

Contents Full Lyrics To ‘Eleanor’ By Hot Chip The Meaning Behind ‘Eleanor’ By Hot Chip With Hot Chip’s eighth album release just around the corner, news, content, and updates surrounding the British electronic pop legends are in heavy circulation.  But with the overindulgence of this content, it can be all too easy to gloss over […]

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Lyrics To “Happiness” By The 1975: A Deep Dive Into The Meaning Behind The Words

8 August 2022

C/O Artist  On August 3rd, The 1975 released their second single, “Happiness,” from their upcoming album Being Funny in a Foreign Language, which comes out October 14th, 2022.  The band released “Part Of The Band” earlier in July and received many mixed reviews, but fans and critics highly anticipated the fifth album from the group.   ADVERTISEMENT […]

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Lyrics To The Midnight’s ‘Brooklyn.Friday.Love.’ And The Story That Put Words To Music

5 August 2022

Contents Stream “Brooklyn. Friday. Love” Now “Brooklyn. Friday. Love.” Lyrics By The Midnight The Story Behind “Brooklyn. Friday. Love.” Lyrics On the horizon is The Midnight’s Heroes album, and the singles and updates continue to pour in about their tour, the album, and artistic productions. So much goes into releasing an album that, too often, […]

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Emma Hewitt Explains The Lyrics To Her Single ‘INTO MY ARMS’ With Markus Shulz

1 August 2022

Blackhole Recordings Contents Stream ‘INTO MY ARMS’ Below ‘Into My Arms’ Full Lyrics Emma Hewitt Explains The Lyrics To ‘Into My Arms’  Iconic vocalist and industry veteran, Emma Hewitt, recently had a new single drop called ‘INTO MY ARMS’ alongside trance mega-star Markus Shulz. We had a chance to talk with the artist herself and […]

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The 5 Best Lyrics from Montell Fish’s Album JAMIE

27 July 2022

C/O Artist  Montell Fish just released his r&b album, JAMIE on July 22nd and if you’re going through a breakup or have ever been through a breakup, then this album is for you (so essentially everyone).  The album is about the grieving process that we go through when a relationship is over and you still feel all […]

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