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How To Be Stoned At Thanksgiving: Smoke Weed, Get High, And Celebrate You Dang Stoner

24 November 2022

Contents The Best Methods For Smoking At Thanksgiving How To Bring It Up Tips For Taking The Thanksgiving Walk How To Deal With Weed Paranoia During Thanksgiving Getting stoned on Thanksgiving around your family can be one of the guiltiest pleasures for any cannabis enthusiast. Smoking weed on this holiday of indulgence makes everything better, […]

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Why A Steam Rollers Pipe or Bong Might Be The Hard-Hitting Thing You Need To Smoke Your Weed

2 September 2022

Bongin Contents What Are Steamroller Pipes? Who Are Steamroller Pipes Good For? How Do Weed Steamrollers Work? Steamrollers vs. Pipes Our Favorite Steam Rollers Pipes If you’re looking for an affordable and unapologetic way to get stoned, a steam rollers pipe might be the best way to do it. But be warned, because it is […]

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What’s A Weed Leaf? A Deep Dive Into Cannabis Leaves And Other Things

1 September 2022

Contents Different Types Of Weed Leaves Pictures Of A Cannabis Plant Profile Of A Weed Leaf Parts Of The Weed Plant Where’s The THC On A Weed Leaf? Telling Male From Female Weed Leaves The leaf of the cannabis plant is one of the most widely recognized symbols of cannabis culture. Cannabis leaves come in […]

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An Eighth Of Weed: Essential Things To Know About An 1/8th Ounce Of Cannabis

31 August 2022

Contents What Is An Eighth Of Weed? How Much Does An Eighth Of Weed Cost? Who Would Buy An Eighth Of Cannabis? What Can You Do With An Eighth Of Weed? The difference between an eighth and a gram When you walk into a dispensary, there are so many different variables that bombard you. The […]

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Blunts vs Joints: Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Roll Ups

8 July 2022

Which Do You Prefer? Contents The Blunt Or Joint Experience? Does The Burn Time Of The Cannabis Differ? The Final Wrap: Blunt vs Joint (…or Spliffs) There are countless ways to enjoy smoking cannabis. You can smoke weed out of a bong or pipe. You can mix ground cannabis with tobacco to make spliffs. You […]

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Weed Shakes: What Are They and What Causes Them?

28 June 2022

Contents What Are Weed Shakes? How Long Do The Shakes Last? What Do I Do If I Get The Cannabis Shakes? Shake Weed vs. Weed Shakes Story time from the last time I smoked a bong, and the first time I got the weed shakes… After consuming too much marijuana out of a friend’s three-foot […]

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How Long Does Weed Stay Good? (3 Ways To Keep Cannabis From Going Bad While On The Go)

27 June 2022

Weed can stay good for longer than you would expect, but it certainly can’t stay good forever. Because weed, unlike milk or other food products, can degrade over time through a variety of factors. Maybe it can get some humidity in your storage container, causing it to get moly. Conversely, maybe it is left out […]

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New York State Legalizes Marijuana For Recreational Use

31 March 2021

Coming to a farm legally in New York near you via Aster Farms New York State just legalized marijuana. Yes, you read that right, it finally happened for New York State. The Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act, was passed by the State Assembly and the State Senate last night and this morning Governor Cuomo signed […]

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