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How Artists Can Use NFT Roadmaps To Grow Their Fanbase Fast

21 July 2022

What is a NFT Roadmap? An NFT Roadmap is the big picture plan for an NFT project or a NFT drop. The NFT Roadmap signals to the fan community what is being planned for the artist’s drop. Let’s Break Down More About NFT Roadmaps It is a communication tool to publicly tell fans why they […]

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Spotlight: Kwettr – Online Marketing Platform For Music Industry

29 March 2021

Kwettr Kwetrr Kwettr, a boutique marketing agency, now expands its platform to add a DIY music marketing service. The platform will enable artists and record labels to grow their fanbase and revenue. Founded by Bas Kruijssen (New Media & Marketing Manager Black Hole Recordings) and Arny Bink (co-founder Black Hole Recordings), the company has its […]

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