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The Best MIDI Cables of 2022: The Only Ones You Should Think About Getting For Your Studio

25 August 2022

MIDI cables are one of the music studio’s most commonly used tools. They bring so much to the table and are so quintessential to our workflows as musicians that when they don’t work as intended, our production sessions come to a screeching halt. And between things moving around, wires getting crossed, and simple degradation of […]

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The Producers Almanac Of The Best Free MIDI Files To Download In 2022

19 August 2022

MIDI files are a secret weapon to more producers than you probably realize. They allow you to create instant vibes in the studio and avoid that intimidating empty project. You drag MIDI files into your DAW, load up a preset, and instantly make music (you hardly even have to know theory to start getting the […]

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