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Mixed In Key

Spotlight: Point Blank Masterclass – How to Make a Techno Track with Captain Plugins & Mixed In Key 10 With Sara Simms

12 August 2021

For this special live masterclass, Point Blank were joined by DJ/producer Sara Simms to showcase how to make a techno track using Captain Plugins and Mixed In Key 10. Point Blank alumni, Sara Simms, is a captivating DJ, turntablist and multi-instrumentalist electronic music producer who’s known for her love of music technology. In addition to […]

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Spotlight: Point Blank Techtorial: Why You Should Mix in Key with Mixed In Key Plugins

10 June 2021

For this tutorial, Point Blank’s DJ Ravine and Mr Bristow explore Mixed In Key version 10 and discuss why mixing in key is so important. Mixed In Key 10 has the best key detection in the world. For over fifteen years, Mixed In Key has consistently ranked #1 in key detection accuracy. The latest version […]

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Producer Spotlight – Mixed In Key 10 Announced

30 April 2021

Mixed In Key 10 Mixed In Key If you have been in the DJing hustle for a while, then chances are you know what Mixed In Key is. They were the first developer to release software 15 years ago that accurately identified the key of your track so you could, well mix in key or […]

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Producer Spotlight – Mixed In Key Launches Satellite Plugins 2.0 Allowing Producers To Collaborate Remotely

5 March 2021

Satellite Plugins 2.0

 is here.  Collaborate in any DAW, anytime, anywhere

 Satellite Plugins 2.0 is an innovative new VST/AU/AAX plugin that allows users to collaborate on audio projects in any DAW over the Internet. Satellite Plugins 2.0 allows musicians to connect to a Satellite Plugins session and contribute audio and MIDI parts. One person can […]

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