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AI Mastering: Is Online Mastering Any Good Though?

27 June 2022

Contents What Is More Important, Mixing Or Mastering? What Qualities Make Up A Great Mastering Engineer? How Is AI Mastering Different Than Real Mastering? What Are The Benefits Of AI Mastering? Is AI Mastering Worth It? There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more advanced. But is it really any […]

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Producer Spotlight: Are you stuck on your tune? The Guys at Finish My Track can help!

16 February 2021

Berklee College of Music graduates Nick Ditri and Daniel Boselovic, most known as their artist moniker Disco Fries, have taken the bull by the horns during COVID quarantine with a new endeavor that’s about to change the game for musicians and producers of all levels. Drawing from their collaborations and work for the biggest names […]

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