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27 October 2022

KRK, the leading name in studio monitors, just expanded upon its top-tier offers by introducing the GoAux system that allows for pro audio that adapts to any environment.  What Are The KRK GoAux Monitors?  Available in two compact sizes, the three-inch GoAux 3 and four-inch GoAux 4 are professional-quality monitors with a portable design, featuring […]

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Professional Sound Engineers Explain All You Never Thought To Ask On Setting Up Monitors In A Bedroom Studio

5 September 2022

Most music producers and engineers do not have the luxury of doing their work in big-budget studios that are perfectly engineered to achieve a dialed-in sound. No, most producers (like I would I imagine) are producing in side rooms, bedrooms, and imperfect spaces in our homes and apartment buildings. ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching!Visit Website And […]

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