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Artists Who Sound Like: Monolink

30 May 2022

Monolink is the moniker of German singer-singwriter and electronic music producer; Steffan Linck. Since debuting his first single, ‘The End,’ back in 2015 and his first album, Amniotic, in 2018, he has seen a steady rise in popularity to the position he holds now as a superstar.  Artists Who Sound Like: Eli & Fur ADVERTISEMENT […]

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Artists Who Sound Like: Tinlicker

17 May 2022

Tinlicker’s unique blend of emotional songwriting and explosive energy has quickly caught fire in the progressive house world over the past few years.  But longtime fans of the duo will remember the bands roots and know that Tinlicker has been on the path to stardom for decades.  Having landed their early releases on Feed Me’s […]

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Tour The Worlds Most Sustainable Music Festival: DGTL Amsterdam

29 April 2022

A look inside the world’s most sustainable music festival; DGTL Amsterdam 2022 DGTL festival in Amsterdam has become the world’s most sustainable electronic music festival and created a blueprint for circularity that we can only hope inspires other festivals to follow their path.  The techno festival took place over the weekend of April 16-18th creating […]

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Album Review: Monolink – Under Darkened Skies

11 June 2021

Monolink Lisa Wassmann Monolink has released his sophomore album Under Darkened Skies. Since breaking out with his EP in 2015 The End and then his debut album in 2018 Amniotic, he has become a key player of the world of Burner / Tulum-styled indie electronic music. Combining long, progressive and mellow beats with his airy vocals, […]

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My Toolbox: Monolink – Magnetic Magazine

23 February 2021

Monolink has long been a leading voice in the live performance world of electronic music, combining techno, ambient, house, and hints of greats like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Fresh off his latest release, “The Prey,” we caught up with the illustrious artist to take a peak into his awesome studio to see exactly how […]

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